Bike to Work Day


Bike to Work Day is a time to celebrate the bicycle as a fun and healthy transportation mode. It’s an opportunity for novice cyclists to try two-wheeled commuting and a chance for veteran riders to share fellowship.

The 22nd annual Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 17, 2019.  Howard County’s pit stop will take place at Whole Foods Market in Columbia from 7-9am.  For more information visit

To support MARC Train riders on Bike to Work Day, the Penn Line will also run seven additional northbound and five additional southbound trains equipped with bike racks. MDOT MTA will host an information table at the Frederick MARC Station, and the Brunswick Line will offer Bike Cars on two morning eastbound departures and two evening westbound departures. Bike Cars will also serve the Camden Line to Washington, D.C., with one northbound and one southbound departure in the morning and afternoon. To find the complete MARC schedule visit


Thank you to our regional sponsors:

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Interested in getting involved?  Contact Allison Calkins with questions or for more information.