Ridesharing means sharing a ride in a car or van with at least one other person.  Benefits include fuel cost savings, wear and tear on vehicles and roads, reducing traffic congestion, and better air quality due to reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ridesharing services enable commuters to find other individuals who share similar commute routes and work hours.  Visit Commuter Connections, a service of Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, to find your ridematch today.

Pool Rewards is a commuter incentive program available through Commuter Connections designed to encourage commuters driving alone to and from work to start ridesharing.

Carpoolers: Commuters who register new carpools in the program are also eligible for incentives. Each carpool member can earn $2 per day ($1 each way) for each day they carpool to work over a consecutive 90-day period. The maximum incentive for the 90-day reporting period is $130. Carpools may consist of two or more people and participants must log their trips using Commuter Connections software. After the completion of their 90-day program, the user must complete a short survey before we can issue any payment.

Vanpoolers: The ‘Pool Rewards program offers a $200 monthly incentive to vanpools with at least seven members. Participants must maintain an average vehicle occupancy and log their trips using Commuter Connections’ online software to remain eligible. There is no expiration date for a van’s enrollment.


CarpoolNow, a free mobile app, makes carpooling convenient for both passengers and drivers going the same way.  The mobile app provides commuters with free on-demand carpooling services, connecting drivers offering a ride with passengers seeking a ride. It displays routes, estimated pick-up times, and confirms pick-up and drop-off locations.


To start using CarpoolNow, simply create a Commuter Connections account if you don’t have one already, then download the free CarpoolNow mobile app for your Apple, Android or Blackberry device.

Interested, but don’t want to risk getting stuck at work?

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a free commuter insurance program for commuters who use alternative modes of transportation within the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas at least two times a week.* The program offers up to SIX free rides home per year to those who take transit, bike, walk, carpool, or vanpool in times when their usual transportation options are limited (e.g. illness, unscheduled overtime).

*Due to many employees not commuting as before, Commuter Connections is currently waiving the two days per week requirement.

Curious what you could save? Try MDOT’s Commute Calculator.