Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a free commuter insurance program for commuters who use alternative modes of transportation within the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas at least two times a week. The program offers up to SIX free rides home per year to those who take transit, bike, walk, carpool, or vanpool in times when their usual transportation options are limited (e.g. illness, unscheduled overtime).

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Park & Ride Information

MDOT Park & Ride lots are free and can accommodate carpools and vanpools.  No permits are required and the lots are open 24/7 unless otherwise noted.  Overnight parking is permitted.  MDOT is not responsible for vehicles in owners’ absence.

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Commuter Choice Maryland is an incentive program that encourages Maryland employees to choose transit or vanpools instead of driving to work. Commuter Choice offers employers monthly pass distribution options which encourage employees to ride Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) CityLink, LocalLink, Commuter Bus, Light RailLink, Metro SubwayLink, and MARC Train for less than full fare. The program offers significant savings for commuters and a valuable addition to employer benefit packages.


The Commuter Connections Flextime Rewards program is available to commuters who are able and willing to commute during off-peak hours to avoid congestion along selected major corridors in the region.

Flextime programs allow employees at companies offering this option to adjust their arrival and departure times which is a proven way to reduce congestion at peak travel times. Employees can choose to work during their most productive hours.

Eligible commuters that register for the Flextime Rewards Program will receive notification of higher-than-average traffic congestion along the corridor on which they travel for work. Delaying your trip will enter you into a monthly prize drawing for a chance to win a cash prize from Commuter Connections.

IncentripIncenTrip is a multimodal trip planning and traveler information tool that plans trips using the best travel mode with real-time data and communicates alerts to commuting issues.  This tool also encourages the user to earn reward points for each trip used with IncenTrip.