Guaranteed Ride Home


Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a free commuter insurance program for commuters who use alternative modes of transportation within the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas at least two* times a week. The program offers up to SIX free rides home per year to those who take transit, bike, walk, carpool, or vanpool in times when their usual transportation options are limited (e.g. illness, unscheduled overtime).

*Due to many employees not commuting as before, Commuter Connections is currently waiving the two days per week requirement.

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incenTrip is a mobile app that connects users with multi-modal transportation options and rewards responsible commute trips with points that can be exchanged for cash rewards.

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How to Plan Your Trip

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the incenTrip App and start earning today.

* Maryland is covered by two incenTrip programs: MDOT and Commuter Connections. Program eligibility is determined by your work location. The information on this website is for the MDOT program. Commuters who work in Washington, DC or in Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties should visit the Commuter Connections website for information about their rewards program.

Park & Ride Information

P&R 2022

MDOT Park & Ride lots are free and can accommodate carpools and vanpools.  No permits are required and the lots are open 24/7 unless otherwise noted.  Overnight parking is permitted.  MDOT is not responsible for vehicles in owners’ absence.

Commuter Choice Maryland

Commuter Choice MD 2022

Commuter Choice Maryland is a program of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) designed to connect commuters and businesses to numerous online tools, resources, and opportunities. The goal of the program is to reduce congestion on Maryland roadways, improve air quality, and help Marylanders enhance their quality of life. The program works to mitigate traffic congestion and support mobility and health to both commuters and business owners. The program encourages and helps commuters find alternate means of transportation to and from work.

They also have a Resource Library for employers and commuters.

Flextime Rewards


The Commuter Connections Flextime Rewards program is available to commuters who are able and willing to commute during off-peak hours to avoid congestion along selected major corridors in the region.

Flextime programs allow employees at companies offering this option to adjust their arrival and departure times which is a proven way to reduce congestion at peak travel times. Employees can choose to work during their most productive hours.

Eligible commuters that register for the Flextime Rewards Program will receive notification of higher-than-average traffic congestion along the corridor on which they travel for work. Delaying your trip will enter you into a monthly prize drawing for a chance to win a cash prize from Commuter Connections.

Curious what you could save? Try MDOT’s Commute Calculator.